Rondane by Night

Image showing the visible constellations on the night This image is obained using the astrometry package. The output by the solver for one of the three images in the panorama: This seems to correspond quite nicely to the actual night sky when compared to stellarium.

Venus Transit 06 June 2012

To my horror when i got up at 04:49 the sky was completely clouded, and thought that this once in a lifetime opportunity had passed. Fortunately an hour later it was good enough to see the transit. And then final contact at around 06:51. The transit of venus, from sunrise, around 04:34 to last contact…

Moon Size on Film

Moon size with different leses The following images are 100% crops of the moon, taken with a Nikon D70s at different focal lengths. The Nikon has a 1.5 crop factor, so to get a similar image in 35mm film, you need to multiply by 1.5. Focal lengths marked TC are taken with a 2x teleconverter,…

Auora Borialis

You would think that living in Norway i would see this the whole time, but in honesty i have only seen it properly once, that was in October 2008, in Rondane. I was actually out looking for the meteor strom that was mean to be happening but ended up photographing this instead. This is a…

Star photography

I have attempted star photography a couple of times but so far this is the most successful attempt, this is a stack of photos (about 20) each photographed for 30s at 18mm/3.5 with a nikon D7000.