Rondane by Night

Image showing the visible constellations on the night


This image is obained using the astrometry package.

[code lang=”bash”]
$solve-field –guess-scale –downsample 2 ~/20100925t23395090.jpg –overwrite

The output by the solver for one of the three images in the panorama:

[code lang=”bash”]
Reading input file 1 of 1: "/home/renec/20100925t23395090.jpg"…
Read file stdin: 3039 x 1143 pixels x 1 color(s); maxval 255
Using 8-bit output
Extracting sources…
Downsampling by 2…
simplexy: found 230 sources.
Reading file "/home/renec/20100925t23395090.axy"…
Field 1 did not solve (index index-4219.fits, field objects 1-10).
Field 1 did not solve (index index-4218.fits, field objects 1-10).
Field 1 did not solve (index index-4217.fits, field objects 1-10).
Field 1 did not solve (index index-4216.fits, field objects 1-10).
Field 1 did not solve (index index-4215.fits, field objects 1-10).
log-odds ratio 296.86 (8.40673e+128), 81 match, 0 conflict, 143 distractors, 140 index.
RA,Dec = (156.318,36.8882), pixel scale 31.0713 arcsec/pix.
Hit/miss: Hit/miss: +++-++-+-+++++++++++-++-++++++-+-+-+-+++-+-+-+++-++–++—++++-++++-+—-++++———+-+-+—-+–+-
Field 1: solved with index index-4214.fits.
Field 1 solved: writing to file /home/renec/20100925t23395090.solved to indicate this.
Field: /home/renec/20100925t23395090.jpg
Field center: (RA,Dec) = (156.3, 36.89) deg.
Field center: (RA H:M:S, Dec D:M:S) = (10:25:14.512, +36:53:06.082).
Field size: 25.7901 x 9.90955 degrees
Field rotation angle: up is 171.453 degrees E of N
Creating new FITS file "/home/renec/"…
Creating index object overlay plot…
Creating annotation plot…
Your field contains:
The constellation Leo Minor (LMi)

This seems to correspond quite nicely to the actual night sky when compared to stellarium.